C100 Convenes Discussion with 2011 and 2012 Journalist Delegates

On November 19, the Committee of 100 hosted a dinner meeting with current and past participants in C100’s Leadership Delegation Program, including journalists from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, The Atlantic, New York Public Radio, and WNYC. New York Regional Vice Chair Lulu C. Wang led the discussion with C100 members Anla Cheng, Savio Tung, and Alice Young.



From left: Lulu C. Wang; Clive
Crook, Financial Times; Alice Young; and Brian Lehrer, WNYC.


Initiated in 2007, the Program is an educational opportunity for influential American thought leaders to witness China’s developments and challenges first-hand. In China, delegates engage in dialogue with C-100 members, China’s leading experts on international relations, journalists, government officials, artists, entrepreneurs, and students.

The 2012 Leadership Delegation members were Clive Crook, Senior Editor of The Atlantic; Brian Lehrer, Host of WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show”; Winnie O’Kelley, Deputy Business Editor of the New York Times; Gary Silverman, U.S. News Editor and Deputy Managing Editor of Financial Times; and Jonathan Tepperman, Managing Editor of Foreign Affairs.

Alumni of the Leadership Delegation Program also attended the discussion: Nicholas Goldberg (2011), Editorial Pages Editor of the Los Angeles Times, and Laura Walker (May 2012), President and CEO of New York Public Radio.

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Lulu C. Wang

Money management specialist

Anla Cheng

Founder & CEO, SupChina

Alice Young

Lawyer and Business Advisor



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