C100 Civic Leaders Delegation Praise Breadth and Quality of China Experience

A diverse delegation of influential civic leaders visited Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai May 12-21 under the auspices of the Committee of 100.  This delegation was designed to expose highly respected professionals whose specialties lie outside the China field to Chinese political, economic, cultural and social trends.  The Leadership Delegation Program is one of the Committee’s signature programs and encompasses educational exchange, public diplomacy, and leadership development.


At the Bund in Shanghai:  (from left) Geoff Dabelko, Matt Toledo,
Tricia Rose, Laura Walker, Andre Willis, Charlie Kupchan and Angie Tang.

During the nine-day visit, the five civic leaders had discussions with over thirty Chinese elites representing government, academia, think tanks, business, media, NGOs and cultural institutions.

This year’s civic leaders were:  Geoffrey D. Dabelko, Director, the Environmental Change, and Security Program, Woodrow Wilson Center; Charles Kupchan, Professor of International Affairs in the School of Foreign Service and Government, Department at Georgetown University; Tricia Rose, Professor of Africana Studies, Brown University; Matt Toledo, President and CEO, Los Angeles Business Journal; and Laura Walker, President, and CEO, New York Public Radio.


DIPLOMACY-Civic Leaders Delegation 2012 072


Delegates with children at Beishuangmiao village nursery school.

In their evaluations, the delegates concluded that the trip left them with strong impressions and a far more comprehensive sense of China’s contemporary realities.  Rose praised the trip as having “fundamentally altered my formerly narrow conceptions of China and expanded my global vision.” Dabelko parlayed his new knowledge by increasing coverage of China on his Wilson Center environmental blog.

Under the leadership of International Programs Vice Chairs David Chang and David Ho, Director of Public Relations An Ping coordinated program activities, and Executive Director Angie Tang assisted on site with meeting discussions.  Members Stewart KwohShirley Young, and Ya-Qin Zhang contributed to planning.  In Beijing, Wei Christianson briefed the group on the Chinese economy and finance, and Haojiang Tian hosted a dinner in his home. Generous funding was provided by the Cyrus Tang Foundation and Anla Cheng.

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