C100 Northern California Members Convene in Los Altos

Clarence Kwan
Dennis Wu
Chi-Foon Chan
Jay Xu
Kenneth Fong
Anthony Sun
Ken Xie
Albert Chao

On September 29, C-100 Northern California members met at Chef Chu’s in Los Altos to discuss regional initiatives and programming.

C-100 Chairman Clarence Kwan attended the meeting  along with C-100 Development Committee Chair Dennis Wu, Northern California Regional Co-Chairs Chi-Foon Chan and Jay Xu, and members Milton Chang, Pehong Chen, Kenneth Fong, George Koo, Anthony Sun, Stanley Wang, Ken Xie, and Albert Yu.

C-100 Chairman Clarence Kwan meets with members in San Francisco on September 29

Clarence offered guidance on regional efforts, noting that C-100 regions are encouraged to create programs that align with C-100’s overall international goals and have synergy with other regions.

Members showed particular interest in developing C-100 programming that further supports Chinese American communities in the Northern California and Pacific Northwest regions by way of local mentoring and education, working with Chinese immigrants, exploring avenues for philanthropy, and partnering with like-minded organizations.

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