23rd Annual Conference – Session V: Ideas, Innovation, Identity: Asian Americans in Silicon Valley

Ken Xie

Asian Americans contribute creative ideas and cutting-edge innovation to Silicon Valley’s vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Although Asian American representation in Silicon Valley’s high-tech workforce has grown from 38 percent in 2000 to over 50 percent in 2010, only 11 percent of senior executives are Asian American. Speakers discuss the impact of Asian Americans’ ideas, innovation and identity on high-tech sectors and identify the challenges they face in achieving leadership positions and leading their companies.

– Ken Xie, Founder, President, and CEO, Fortinet, Inc.; Member, Committee of 100
– Gideon Yu, Co-owner, San Francisco 49ers; Former Chief Financial Officer, Facebook and YouTube

– Geoff Yang, Managing Director and Founding Partner, Redpoint Ventures; Member, Committee of 100

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