23rd Annual Conference – Luncheon Remarks and Keynotes

Anla Cheng
Lulu C. Wang


– The Honorable Gray Davis, Of Counsel, Loeb & Loeb LLP

– The Honorable Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor, State of California

KEYNOTE: “Charting a Path for China”

– Anla Cheng, Partner, Sino-Century China Private Equity, LLC; Member, Committee of 100

– Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics; Professor, Columbia University

China’s challenges in developing a reform agenda are clear. The global economy is beset by malaise, and domestic issues ranging from environmental degradation, growing inequality, corruption, and a lack of trust are growing ever more pressing. China will have to restructure its economy, moving from export-led growth to domestically driven growth, and it will have to redefine the role of government. At the same time, China’s impressive record of pulling millions from poverty in the last decades shows it has the capacity to make changes on a grand scale. In this keynote, Columbia University professor and Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz charts a path for China’s future, explaining the policy priorities that will be necessary to move the country forward. He explains how the US can play a more constructive role in encouraging and facilitating these reforms.

KEYNOTE: “Changing Global Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities”

– Lulu C. Wang, CEO, Tupelo Capital Management, LLC; Member, Committee of 100

– Jianhai Lin, Secretary-General, International Monetary Fund

As the global economy turns the corner of the Great Recession, the overall growth remains slow and unbalanced. Advanced and emerging markets economies still face significant challenges. What are these challenges? How should we address them? Looking ahead, what will the global landscape look like? This speech will explore these issues.

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