Committee of 100 Summer Garden Party

David C. Chang
Guoqing Chen
David Chu
Robert W. Gee
Clarence Kwan
Henry S. Tang
Jeremy Wu
Alice Young
Shirley Young

On Sunday, July 19th, Committee of 100 member Anla Cheng hosted C-100 members and special guests for a summer garden party at her family’s home in Greenwich, Connecticut. In attendance were C-100 members David Chang, Guoqing Chen, David Chu, Bob Gee, Clarence Kwan,  Henry Tang, Jeremy Wu, Alice Young, Shirley Young; and many of the members’ families.

C-100 members were joined by a number of special guests, including Congresswoman Grace Meng, U.S. Representative for New York’s 6th District; Irene Chang Britt, Former President of Pepperidge Farm; Amy Chua, Author and Professor of Law at Yale Law School; Sheryl Wu Dunn, Pulitzer Prize-winning author; Wes Hom, Vice President, Managing Director, and National Board Member of Ascend;  Don Liu, General Counsel and Secretary of Xerox;  Stephanie Wang Breal, Documentary Producer and Direcotry; and Nancy Yao Maasbach, President of the Museum of Chinese in America. 

Members and guests appreciated the opportunity to connect with old friends and forge new friendships, discuss U.S.-China relations, and examine current social issues pertaining the the Chinese American community as they enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

IMG_0600 强女

IMG_0584 Dinner Table Sheryl WuDunn

IMG_0581 Irene Chang BrittIMG_0545 HenryTang + DavidChu IMG_0586 GuoqingChen DavidChang IMG_0587 StephenM Patty NancyYM DavidChang IMG_0588 AliceYoung AnlaCheng ClarenceKwan IMG_0592 IreneChangBritt IMG_0594 HollyChang NancyYaoMaasbach IMG_0597 AliceYoung AmyChua (1) IMG_0540 AliceYoung + ShirleyYoung (1) IMG_0559 SY, CK, HT, DavidChu IMG_0552 BobGee + GuoqingChen IMG_0598 IreneCB StephanieWB IMG_0555 Luncheon Table IMG_0542 DavidChang + BobGee (1) IMG_0553 CK,DC,GQC,BG  IMG_0560 WesHom NancyYaoMaasbach IMG_0562 GraceMeng IMG_0564 Dinner Table GM, AY  IMG_0568 AnlaCheng ShirleyYoung IMG_0569 JeremyWu IMG_0572 StephanieWangBreal IMG_0558 SY, CK, HTIMG_0576 Mark KingdonIMG_7292 ShirleyYoung HenryTang HorseIMG_7286 GraceMeng HenryTang Horse





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