Extraordinary Chinese Americans

Ensuring Full Inclusion in America Advancing U.S.-China Relations
Anna Chennault

1925 - 2018

John S. Chen

Executive Chairman and CEO at BlackBerry

Edmond Pi

Professor Emeritus at USC

Weili Dai

Pioneer in the semi-conductor industry

Jeremy Wu

Accomplished public service executive

David K. Y. Tang

Accomplished lawyer and partner of a global law firm

Linda Tsao Yang

Former U.S. Ambassador and first woman Executive Director appointed

Ken Xie

Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Fortinet

Weiming Lu

Internationally recognized urban planning and development advisor

Matthew F.C. Miau

Pioneer in Taiwan's high tech industry

Dominic Ng

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of East West Bank

David C. Chang

Distinguished academic and leader in civic engagement

Lu Li

Founder, Himalaya Capital, humanitarian, and economic advisor

Leslie Wong

President, San Francisco State University

Andrea Wong

International president, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Michael C. Lin

Accomplished biomedical scientist

Nelson Dong

Leading expert in domestic and international technology and intellectual property

Gordon H. Chang

Critically acclaimed author and historian

Stewart Kwoh

Nationally recognized civil rights leader

Ta-Lin Hsu

Pioneer, Asian venture capital and private equity

Anna Mok

Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Lip-Bu Tan

Tech Executive and Venture Capitalist

Buck Gee

Expert in tech industry and corporate executive leadership

Henry S. Tang

Managing Partner of Carnegie Towers Strategic Investment Advisory

Ming Hsieh

President and FounderFulgent Therapeutics

Dun Tan

World-renowned artist, composer, and conductor

Calvin Tsao

Prominent Contemporary Architect

Don Liu

Accomplished Professor of Ophthalmology

David Lee

Co-founder and Managing General Partner of Clarity Partner

Yue-Sai Kan

Emmy-Winning TV Producer and Host

Dali Yang

Professor, University of Chicago

Robert W. Gee

Political consultant and advisor

Weiming Tu

Ethicist and the world’s leading Confucian scholar

Philip Ma

Biotechnology Executive and Entrepreneur

Dennis Wu

Professional CPA expert

Hao Jiang Tian

Internationally-renowned opera singer

Norman Liu

Highly regarded business executive

Herman Y. Li

Chairman of the C & L Restaurant Group

Shao Kuang Ting

Contemporary Artist

J. Michael Chu

Accomplished investment specialist

Julie Fong

Grammy award winning producer

Chi-Foon Chan

Technology visionary and strategist

Victor Fung

Accomplished business leader

Peter Young

President & Managing Director at Young & Partners

Charles P. Wang

President, Chinese American Cultural & Art Association

Lanhee Chen

Policy expert, Stanford University

Andrew J.C. Cherng

Entrepreneur and philanthropist

Savio Tung

Chairman, Investcorp Technology Partners

Mei-Wei Cheng

International tech buisness leader

Peter Liu

Pioneer and venture capitalist

Nancy Yuan

Vice President and director, Asia Foundation

John Chiang

Innovative politician and State Treasurer, California

Walter Wang

Accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist

Pehong Chen

Pioneering e-business leader

Oscar Tang

Expert on Chinese Culture and Art, noted philanthropist

James M. Li

Accomplished business leader in the finance industry

Cyrus Tang

1930 - 2018

Ming Chen Hsu

International business specialist and consultant

Ed Chan

Corporate leader in sustainable growth

Lulu C. Wang

Money management specialist

Jay Xu

Director and Pioneer, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Jenny J. Ming

Retail Entrepreneur and CEO

Gareth Chang

Distinguished aerospace and digital technology executive

Teddy Zee

Hollywood Producer

Wan Ling Martello

Executive VP and Head of Asia, Oceania & Africa Zone at Nestle

Steve Chen

Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of YouTube

Ming Tsai

Chinese-American restauranteur

Mei-Mei Tuan

Expert in finance and human capital services

Paul C. Lin

Cross-border corporate transaction specialist

Charlie Woo

International Entrepreneur

Chiling Tong

Howard Li

International business leader

Anthony Sun

Industry leader, information technology

Lily Lee Chen

First ever Chinese-American female mayor in the U.S.

Frank H. Wu

Distinguished Professor, University of California

Ronnie Chan

Eminent leader in philanthropy

David D. Ho

Innovative AIDs research scientist

Chien Chung (Didi) Pei

Prominent architect

Ginger Lew

Investor, Renewable energy and Global Infastructure

Jerry Yang

Co-Founder Yahoo!

Maya Lin

Internationally acclaimed artist

John Young

1920 - 2013

Adeline Yen Mah

New York Times bestselling author, a doctor, and Founder & President of the Falling Leaves Foundation

Guoqing Chen

Philanthropic leader and Co-founder HNA airlines

Yo-Yo Ma

World Famous cellist and philanthropist

Debra Wong Yang

Accomplished Lawyer and Partner of a global law firm

Jeffrey Li

Founder and CEO of GL Capital Group

Stanley Wang

Founder, President and CEO of Pantronix Corporation

Robert Lee

Chairman of the Board,Blue Shield of California

Daniel Chao

Nuclear energy executive

Lawrence B. Low

Chief Legal Officer, Orrick

Albert Chao

Renowned expert in international business and petrochemical industry

Anne Chow

Communications industry leader

Pauline Yu

President, American Council of Learned Societies

Micheline Chau

(Previously) President and Chief Operating Officer, Lucasfilm

Wilson Chu

Leader in M&A practice

Tony Chan

Prominent executive in education and distinguished mathematician

Albert Yu

1941 - 2017

Wing T. Chao

World renowned master planner, architect and designer

Donald Tang

Veteran Investment Banker

Benjamin Wu

Vice Chair of the U.S.-Asia Institute

Ge Li

Entrepeneur, Scientist, and leader in Tech R&D industry

Richard Y. Lee

Chairman and CEO of Amsino Medical Group

Brian A. Sun

Distinguished trial lawyer

Yuan Yuan Tan

Internationally-renowned ballerina

Ya-Qin Zhang

President, Baidu

Gary Locke

The first Chinese-American ambassador to China

I.M. Pei

World famous Architect and Founder, Committee of 100

Harry Gee, Jr.

Accomplished attorney and humanitarian

Leroy Chiao

Former NASA astronaut

Milton Chang

Industry leader in business, entrepreneurship, and photonics

Chi Wang

President, U.S. China Policy Foundation

Henry Yang

Chancellor, UC Santa Barbara

Joan Chen

Internationally accredited actress and director

Wu Fu Chen

Serial entrepreneur and renowned venture investor

Jackson Tai

Prominent Investment banker and leader in finance industry

Kenneth Fong

Venture capitalist and entreprenueur

H. Roger Wang

Real-Estate Entrepreneur

Alice Young

Lawyer and Business Advisor

Michael Fung

Leading management expert

Clarence Kwan

Financial advisor and management specialist

Janet Yang

Prominent Hollywood producer

Anla Cheng

Founder & CEO, SupChina

Carter Tseng

World-class leader in Information and Communication

Cheng Li

Established author and Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Shirley Young

President of U.S.-China Cultural Institute

Ted Wang

Global equities trading and investing veteran

Paul C. W. Chu

Accomplished scientist and professor

Shu Li

PhD, published author, and ChairmanJ&J Investments

John Sie

Founder of Starz Entertainment Group

Cher Wang

Global technology entrepreneur

Wei Sun Christianson

International business leader

William Wang

Founder, VIZIO

Timothy W. Tong

President of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Michelle Kwan

Olympic Medalist and Senior AdviserU.S. Department of State

Wallace Loh

President, University of Maryland , Chair, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Academic Advisory Council

Richard T. Cheng

Renowned professor of computer science

Morris Chang

Father of Taiwan's semiconductor industry

Morgan Chu

Distinguished intellectual property and trial lawyer

Douglas Hsu

Chairman & CEO of Far Eastern Group

David Chu

Venture Entrepreneur and founder of Nautica

Dazong Wang

Business management expert

Handel Lee

Partner at Asia's largest law firm

X. Rick Niu

President & CEO of Starr Strategic Holdings


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