C100 Partners with the 1990 Institute on National Video Contest

Daniel Chao
Anna Mok
Dennis Wu

Under the leadership of C-100 Northern California Regional Co-Chair and 1990 Institute Chairman Daniel Chao, the Committee of 100 is serving as a partnering organization to the 1990 Institute’s recently launched “Youth Voices on China” video contest. On October 18, Joan Chen promoted the contest at an exclusive Northern California premiere of the newly-restored 3D release of The Last Emperor at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. C-100 members George Koo, Anna Mok, and Dennis Wu were among guests in attendance.

C-100 member Joan Chen, pictured here with journalist and author Ben Fong-Torres, discusses the “Youth Voices on China” contest

Ms. Chen also promoted the “Youth Voices on China” contest in conversation with journalist and author Ben-Fong Torres at a benefit brunch on October 19.  Ms. Chen emphasized the importance of educating American youth on modern China and discussed how the power of film and video inspired the “Youth Voices on China” contest.

Daniel Chao noted, “We look forward to seeing videos that will compel our next generation of American global leaders and citizens to be better attuned to the fact that both China and the U.S. have a stake in each other’s success.”

Learn more about the contest here and visit the 1990 Institute’s contest website here.

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