C100 Member Luncheon with Ambassador Zhang Qiyue at the Chinese Consulate General in New York

David C. Chang
Guoqing Chen
Anla Cheng
Clarence Kwan
Henry S. Tang
Shirley Young

On December 8, 2016, Ambassador Zhang Qiyue hosted an exclusive holiday luncheon for C100 members at the Chinese Consulate General in New York. The 8-course luncheon was prepared by a delegation of famous chefs from Anhui province. C100 members David Chang, Guoqing Chen, Anla ChengClarence Kwan, Henry Tang, Shirley Young and Pauline Yu, together with friends and family of C100, attended the event.

C100 members and Chinese Consulate General office in New York


Ambassador Zhang Qiyue gave opening remarks at the luncheon, summarizing 2016 as a fruitful year for China-U.S. relations and praised C100 for its contributions to the relationship. Ambassador Zhang mentioned that with changes in domestic politics in the U.S., the work of the C100 to deepen mutual understanding between the U.S. and China is even more critical. C100 co-founder Shirley Young thanked Ambassador Zhang for hosting the luncheon on behalf of C100 members, and commended the delegation for its preparation of a delicious meal of Anhui specialties. C100 Board of Director Guoqing Chen also expressed appreciation to Ambassador Zhang, and mentioned that Overseas Chinese take pride in the progress and prosperity of China. The luncheon concluded with all in high spirits.

Chefs from Anhui preparing dishes for the luncheon
Chef Huang presents a dish inspired by the “Dream of the Red Chamber”
Cold dish – “Welcome Pine Tree”
Soup – Mount Huang Chicken and Rock Agaric Soup
Entree – Mount Huang Braised Cod
Entree – Stewed Beef with Kumquats
C100 members, Ambassador Zhang, Consulate General Staff, and Anhui Chef delegation


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