Alibaba Dinner Conversation featuring Annie Jie Xu and Jingming Li

Daniel Chao
Weili Dai
Buck Gee
Anna Mok
Dennis Wu
Jay Xu

On Thursday, August 6,​ 2015 the​​ ​Committee of 100 and the Asia America Multitechnology Association (AAMA) co-hosted a dinner in Foster City, California featuring two top executives at Alibaba: Annie Jie Xu, General Manager & HR Head, Alibaba Group U.S., and Jingming Li, President of Alipay Financial, Alibaba Group U.S​.. Founded by Jack Ma, Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, and boasts a record high Initial Public Offering​.

At the event, Annie Jie Xu and Jingming Li offered insights into Alibaba’s past and how it has changed since its inception in 1999: starting with only 18 original founders, the company has grown to an estimated 34,000 employees worldwide in 2015. Committee of 100 Members Dan Chao, Weili Dai, Buck Gee, George Koo, Anna Mok, Dennis Wu and Jay Xu all participated in the dinner, along with a high-caliber audience of over 200 people, including corporate executives, foundation leaders, and tech entrepreneurs. Special thanks to Chair of Development and C-100 Member Dennis Wu who organized this special dinner and acted as the MC throughout the event.

Since the founding of AAMA there have been 10 former  and current board members that are also C-100 members. The Committee of 100 is honored to have partnered with AAMA to present an event that covered such relevant topics, and looks forward to continued partnerships in the future.

Alibaba Event - Money Shot - Edited by Holly
C-100 Members Dennis Wu, Dan Chao, George Koo, Anna Mok, Buck Gee and Jay Xu with Annie Jie Xu and Jingming Li of Alibaba, Jianhua Meng, Consul, Consulate of PRC in San Francisco and Zha Liyou, Chinese Deputy Consul General to San Francisco.





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