Save the Date: C100’s 24th Annual Conference
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Save the Date: C100’s 24th Annual Conference

24th November 2014

Save the date for C100’s 24th Annual Conference, April 9-10, 2015 in New York City! The 2015 Annual Conference will mark 25 years of C100 history as a bridge-builder in the U.S.-China relationship and a leader in the Chinese American community. The April 9 Annual Awards Gala will honor major contributors to U.S.-China relations and the Chinese American community at New York’s iconic Gotham Hall. On April 10, government, multinational business, philanthropic, and opinion leaders will convene at the Annual Common Ground Conference. The conference will address key issues in U.S.-China relations, global philanthropy, and the Chinese American community, and spotlight C100’s regional and international programs. Stay connected with C100’s website and Twitter profile for updates.

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