Charlie Sie

Charlie Sie

1934 – 2013

Technology Executive

Charlie Sie was the Chairman of Aviva Systems Biology, a biotech startup in San Diego. He also served on the board of Aviva Biosciences and Cwill Telecommunication.  He was the vice chairman of Nankai International Business Forum of Nankai University in Tianjin. He also served on the advisory board of International Bridge to Justice, a NGO organization that works on human rights issues with the Ministry of Justice in PRC.

Charlie retired from Xerox Corporation in 1999 as its vice president of the West Coast Operation of the Corporate Engineering Center. In his twenty-three years at Xerox he served in various management positions; from corporate reengineering, software engineering, manufacturing quality to color printer development. In 1988, Charlie was on the debriefing team that won the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award for Xerox. In 1978, he made the initial contact with the Shanghai Photographic Equipment Company that eventually led to Xeroxís joint venture in China. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Asian Caucus at Xerox.

Prior to Xerox, Charlie made the career tour through IBM Watson Research Center, Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., Burroughs Corporation and RCA. In his early career, Charlie did pioneer work in the areas of amorphous semiconductor memory. Charlie also served as a consultant for the World Bank and for Taiwanese National Science Council.

In 1999 Charlie received the History Maker Award from the Chinese American Historical Museum in Los Angeles for his efforts in advocating for the rights of the Asian American scientists and engineers in the National Laboratories during the Dr.Wen Ho Lee espionage allegation hysteria.

Charlie received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Iowa State University. Charlie was married to Maureen Pao and they had three grown children and four grandchildren.

Charlie enjoyed the opportunity to apply cross-cultural values and cross-disciplinary understanding to technology management and business development.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business
  • Technology

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