Senators Daniel Inouye and Dianne Feinstein Exchange Candid Views with C100 Delegation


Diplomacy-DCu002du002d Senate Luncheon


C100 Members Delegation at Senate Luncheon hosted by Senator Daniel K. Inouye,

with his wife Irene Hirano Inouye and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Senator Daniel Inouye hosted a luncheon for the C100 Washington delegation at the U.S. Capitol. In his brief and candid remarks, he recounted the historical experiences of the many Japanese Americans who faced discrimination and reflected on how similar prejudices are resurfacing against Chinese Americans in response to American angst over China’s far-reaching economic power.

He affirmed the Committee’s efforts to mitigate anti-China sentiment in the United States by educating the American public on China issues and fostering people-to-people diplomacy between both countries.

Despite her full schedule, Senator Dianne Feinstein took a rare moment to join the luncheon and speak about U.S.-China relations. The senator’s insightful outlook based on her myriad interactions with the top echelons of China’s leadership underscored the importance of strengthening trust in bilateral relations.

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