C100 Members Attend Special Opening of The Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco, California

Jay Xu
Buck Gee
Oscar Tang

On Friday, November 4, 2016 C100 members attended the VIP opening reception of The Chinese Historical Society of America “Chinese American Exclusion/Inclusion” exhibit in San Francisco. The exhibit is “the most extensive and important exhibit in [the museum’s] 50 year history”. The reception took place at The Chinese Historical Society of America museum in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Among event attendees were San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, and C100 members Jay Xu, Buck Gee, George Koo and his wife May Koo. C100 co-founder and governor Oscar Tang played an important role in underwriting the original exhibition at the New York Historical Society, and C100 members also played an important role in supporting the exhibition in its home in San Francisco.

C100 Member George Koo, his wife May Koo, and C100 Member Jay Xu

The re-opening of San Francisco’s Chinese Historical Society of American (CHSA) introduced the museum’s new permanent exhibit,”Chinese American Exclusion/Inclusion”, a gift from the New York Historical Society in New York City. C100 is a major supporter and a proud to sponsor of CHSA for their dedication to advancing full Chinese American inclusion in the United States.

The Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee shares his remarks
C100 Member Buck Gee and C100 Member George Koo‘s wife, May Koo
The Chinese Historical Society of America “Chinese American Exclusion/Inclusion” exhibit in San Francisco

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