C100 Members Host Dinner for Ambassador Fu Ying in Palo Alto

Kenneth Fong
Mei-Wei Cheng
Linda Tsao Yang

On Tuesday May 10th, C-100 members hosted a dinner for Ambassador Fu Ying, Chairperson of Foreign Affairs Committee of China’s National People’s Congress in Palo Alto, CA to discuss the current state of U.S.-China relations. Participants of the closed event included C-100 members Kenneth Fong, George Koo, Mei-Wei Cheng, Ambassador Linda Tsao-Yang. and other special guests.

Fu Ying, Ken Fong, Linda Tsao Yang
C-100 members Kenneth Fong and Ambassador Linda Tsao-Yang with Ambassador Fu Ying.

Before the dinner, Ambassador Fu Ying spoke at Stanford University with Professor Thomas Fingar of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. Ambassador Fu identified worrisome perceptions surrounding the U.S.-China relationship, and called for more dialogue and communications to drive a new consensus. “China is a newcomer on the world center stage, but it should not try to copy the U.S.. America also needs to learn to work with countries like China, which may not be an ally, but should not be an enemy either,” Fu noted. (For a partial transcript of the event. please click here)

Ambassador Fu was joined by her delegation: Dai Qingli, Counselor of the Department of Translation and Interpretation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Shuai, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xiao Qian, assistant to Ambassador Fu Ying, as well as Zheng Ya, research assistant at Renmin University. Attending representatives from the Chinese Consulate included: Ambassador Luo Linquan, Consul General, Ren Faqiang, Deputy Consul General, Wang Dong, Political Consul, and Li Yi, Chief of Press and Public Diplomacy.

This event highlighted the continuation of C-100’s relationship with Ambassador Fu and the Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC). In 2013 and in 2014, Ambassador Fu Ying, representing the NPC, met and spoke with C-100’s high level journalist delegations during their visits to Beijing about Chinese policy.

C-100 members were highly impressed by and optimistic about Ambassador Fu Ying’s diplomacy, and look forward to potential future collaborations toward shared goals of deepening mutual U.S.-China understanding.

Fu Ying Table
San Francisco Consul General Luo Linquan seated next to C-100 member Ambassador Linda Tsao-Yang, Ambassador Fu Ying, C-100 member Ken Fong, and Dr. Steve Lee.


Fu Ying Lisa Spivey
C-100 Northern California staff Lisa Spivey exchanging greetings with Ambassador Fu Ying and delegation members Wang Shuai and Xiao Qian.


Fu Ying group
Front Row (From left to right): Ambassador Fu Ying, C-100 Member Linda Tsao-Yang, San Francisco Consul General Ren Faqiang Back Row (from left to right): Dr. Steve Lee, Hong Seh Lim, C-100 Member Ken Fong, C-100 member George Koo, C-100 member Mei-Wei Cheng, Christina Hu, May Koo, Wentao Zhang, Hillary Song, Amy Cheng, Cindy Zhang, Lisa Spivey, and John Fong.





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