C100 Members in Beijing Host Dinner for Ambassador Gary Locke

Gary Locke
Handel Lee
Howard Li
Jeffrey Li
Peter Liu
Carter Tseng
Dazong Wang
Ya-Qin Zhang

On November 10, 2015, the Committee of 100 held a members dinner in Beijing with The Honorable Gary Locke, former Governor of Washington, U.S. Ambassador to China, Secretary of Commerce, and long-time friend of the C-100. C-100 members Handel Lee, Howard Li, Jeffery Li, Peter Liu, Carter TsengDazong Wang, and Ya-Qin Zhang took part in the event.

C-100 Greater China Co-Chair Dazong Wang gave opening remarks to welcome Ambassador Locke and update participants on C-100’s recent activities in the Greater China region, including the Leadership Scholarship Program’s 10th Anniversary in Shanghai last month. Ambassador Locke then addressed the group and began a thoughtful discussion, recalling his long-time connection to C-100 and its mission, as well as the developments from his term as Ambassador to China. Other dinner guests present included Jian Ding, Chairman, GSR Ventures; Yifei Li, Chairwoman, Man Group China; Hongjiang Zhang, CEO, Kingsoft; Xu Yang, President, Intel China; and Fengmin Liu, Vice President, GE China. The C-100 is grateful to Ambassador Locke for his continued support for C-100’s missions and looks forward to his continued engagement in other members activities.

Amb. Lcokes Remark 2
Ambassador Gary Locke Addresses C-100 Members and Special Guests at a Dinner to Honor Ambassador Locke in Beijing
Wang Dazong Welcome Remark 1
C-100 Member Wang Dazong Delivers Opening Remarks at a Dinner to Honor Ambassador Locke in Beijing
Amb Locke Group Photo C-100 Member 11102015
C-100 Members and Special Guests with Ambassador Gary Locke at a Dinner to Honor Ambassador Locke in Beijing



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