C100 Trade Secrets and Economic Espionage Workshop in Houston, Texas

Nelson Dong

On September 22, 2018, the Committee of 100 co-hosted an educational workshop about the importance and potential dangerous impacts of the economic espionage act and other related policies. The workshop, titled “The Impact of Espionage Investigations on The Asian American Community,” took place in Houston with United Chinese Americans (UCA) and Civic Leadership USA. With over 100 Asian American scientists, academics, and special guests in attendance, the workshop included two panel discussions and a keynote address.
The first panel featured a discussion with the FBI and legal experts. Moderated by Gordon Quan, Managing Partner of the Quan Law Group and Former Houston City Council Member, the panel featured FBI Special Agent Michael Morgan; Andrew Chongseh Kim, Associate at Greenberg Traurig, LLP and Visiting Scholar at South Texas College of Law; and Kent Shaffer, Partner at Bires & Schaffer.
Following the first panel, C100 member Nelson Dong, Partner and Head of National Security Law Group at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, delivered keynote remarks that underscored the importance of knowing the risks and sensitivities involved in fields such as science, technology, and security, and how to prevent oneself from being wrongfully prosecuted.

The second panel featured a dialogue with academic and legal experts. Speakers included C100 member Nelson Dong; George Wu, Partner, IP Law, McAndrews Held & Malloy LTD; Dr. Juan Sanchez, Temple Foundation Endowed Professor and Former Vice President for Research at the University of Texas (Austin); and Dr. Da Hsuan Feng, Former Vice President for Research at the University of Texas (Dallas) and Former Advisor to the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Curt Weldon, as moderator.

The Committee of 100 has been conducting educational workshops throughout the country since 2012 for Asian Americans in the scientific community on the risks and requirements of U.S. laws on trade secrets, espionage, and export controls. As an organization committed to the full inclusion and equal protection of Chinese Americans in the United States, C100 members provide this public service on a volunteer basis in order to prevent Asian American scientists and government employees from being accused of wrongdoing due to insufficient knowledge of the risks and sensitivities involved in their fields.


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C100 Member Nelson Dong delivers the Keynote Address


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