C100 Members Meet with Next-Generation U.S.-China Bridge-Builders at Project Pengyou Leadership Summit

Clarence Kwan
Henry S. Tang
Mei-Mei Tuan
Jeremy Wu

On October 13, C-100 was a proud sponsor of the Project Pengyou Leadership Training Summit at Harvard University. C-100 Chairman Clarence Kwan and members Henry Tang, Mei-Mei Tuan, and Jeremy Wu participated in a lively panel discussion on next-generation leadership and US-China bridge-building.  

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The speakers panel was the culmination of a four-day leadership training summit organized by the Golden Bridges Foundation and co-sponsored by Ford Foundation. The one-of-a-kind summit trained over 40 young Americans who have studied or lived in China to establish chapters in 24 states across the U.S. and organize campaigns to strengthen China-related studies and exchanges on university campuses. C-100 staff members Erik Hyman and Jennifer Welch also participated in the four-day summit.

At the panel discussion, C-100 members shared their experiences as U.S.-China bridge-builders and offered advice to the future leaders in attendance. Clarence Kwan explained the differences between doing business in the U.S. and China, noting that Americans tend to first consider the legality and logic of a transaction, whereas in China the emphasis is often on the strength of the relationship. Henry Tang offered insights based on his experience on Wall Street, as a founder of multiple nonprofits including the Committee of 100, and as a Presidentially-appointed participant on the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission. Mei-Mei Tuan discussed how her work in the non-profit world has enhanced her career in finance and highlighted the importance of collaboration between different economic sectors. Jeremy Wu pointed out the role and value of statistics in underlining China’s rapid economic development, noting that in the 1980s Shanghai only had five-digit phone numbers and over 100 people on average shared a single phone. The panel received a standing ovation from the Project Pengyou Leadership Fellows, who appreciated C-100 members’ insights on ways to uphold their role as U.S.-China bridge-builders in diverse professional careers.


About Project Pengyou:

In 2011, the Golden Bridges Foundation was invited by the U.S. Department of State to independently build a global network of Americans with firsthand China experience. Conceived as the alumni network for the President’s 100,000 Strong Initiative, Project Pengyou empowers and mobilizes a new generation of US-China bridge-builders to serve, inspire & transform lives. Project Pengyou is currently backed by funding from the Ford Foundation and Committee of 100 and provides transformative leadership training to organize young people across the country to actively engage in US-China bridge-building activities. The network has over 4,000 active members and has received formal recognition from former Ambassador Gary Locke & former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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