2012 Annual Conference Strengthens U.S.-China Dialogue

Ming Hsieh
Stewart Kwoh
Walter Wang
William Wang
Dominic Ng
Charlie Woo
Frank H. Wu
Jeremy Wu

Conference-LA Ng

The Committee of 100 reached new heights in promoting dialogue and building bridges between the United States and China at its 21st Annual Conference in Pasadena, April 19-20. Read the Annual Conference Executive Summary here.

Most newsworthy was the release of the Committee’s signature U.S.-China Public Perceptions Opinion Survey 2012. The survey project co-chairs, Charlie Woo, Frank Wu, and Jeremy Wu, unpacked the extensive findings for the conference participants. The groundbreaking research revealed a wide range of American and Chinese public and elite perceptions about core bilateral issues, which were broken down into Overall Impressions, Mutual Interest and Concerns, U.S.-China Policy, Trade and Investment, Media Sources, and Domestic Views.

The C100 survey is an invaluable aid for exploring key areas of U.S.-China engagement, particularly in this pivotal year encompassing both the U.S. presidential election and China’s leadership transition. Link to the findings of the 2012 Survey and follow the discussion on Twitter #C100Survey.

Four roundtables featuring a stellar line-up of 18 industry leaders and strategic thinkers explored other areas of U.S.-China cooperation and competition: the impact of political leadership transition on U.S.-China relations, the development of Asian American philanthropy, U.S.-China bilateral investment, and new frontiers in the global film industry. A new feature at this year’s conference was the distribution of Background Briefs encapsulating key roundtable issues to each conference participant.

U.S. Secretary for Commerce John Bryson gave the closing keynote speech and reiterated the need for constructive bilateral dialogue and closer cooperation on manufacturing, exports, and direct investment. Despite the challenges in U.S.-China relations, both countries need to work together on balanced economic growth. A transcript of Secretary Bryson’s full speech is available here. You may also view videos of the full conference.

Conference-LA Huntington

Ming Hsieh, Michelle Kwan, Stewart Kwoh, Walter Wang, and William Wang co-chaired this year’s highly successful conference, which also saw the first-ever unveiling of an expanded social media platform with conference proceedings transmitted in real-time via live-streaming and an enthusiastic exchange of highlights on Twitter. Approximately 380 attended the conference, along with students at Columbia University and the University of Southern California holding live-stream viewing parties of over 2,800 viewers.

Following the conference, C100 members and conference participants attended a closing reception at the Huntington Library’s picturesque Chinese Garden of Flowering Fragrance.

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