2012 Mirror Survey Findings Underscore Critical Need to Improve U.S.-China Trust and Cooperation



Despite growing mistrust between the two nations, citizens in both the U.S. and China acknowledge the need for improved political and business cooperation and diplomacy.  This was the key finding of the Committee’s 2012 Mirror Survey, which was released during the 21st Annual Conference in April.

“We will use this study to advocate for constructive relationship-building between the peoples of the U.S. and China and to further promote education, diplomacy, and leadership development,” said Dominic Ng, C100 Chairman and Chairman and CEO of Los-Angeles-based East West Bank.  “It is a unique survey due to its large sample size of everyday Chinese citizens, comprehensive questions, and the apparent willingness of the Chinese public and key Chinese business and opinion leaders to express their views on controversial topics and areas of unease.”

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive in the United States and Horizon Research Consultancy Group in China, and titled “U.S.-China Public Perceptions Opinion Survey 2012,” compares the views of the American and Chinese public and elites (business and opinion leaders). It measures significant shifts in American and Chinese attitudes since 2007 on high-impact economic, political, and security issues, including bilateral trade and investment, U.S. military presence in the Asia Pacific, and China’s emergence as a military and economic global power.

Survey Highlights:

Superpower Status

Bilateral Relations

Military Power and Trust

Trade and Social Issues

The study concludes that improving international trust through greater public diplomacy, educational exchange, and leadership initiatives will be instrumental in effectively easing bilateral tensions and nurturing common interests. Survey Project Co-Chairs Frank Wu, Charlie Woo, and Jeremy Wu led the project and presented the survey’s key findings at the April annual conference. Their presentation can be viewed online.

For more information and to access an interactive version of the study, please visit the survey website.  Follow us on Twitter:@Committee100, and learn more about the survey via our hashtag: #C100Survey.

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Dominic Ng

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of East West Bank

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International Entrepreneur

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