Bay Area U.S.‐China Policy Speakers Forum: “The U.K. Sees China as a Friend, Why Don’t We?” with Martin Jacques and Susan Shirk

On the evening of Thursday February 18, the Committee of 100 held the second event in the newly formed U.S.­-China Policy Speaker Series in collaboration with the Commonwealth Club of California. This panel was moderated by C-­100 member George Koo​, and featured a discussion between Martin Jacques, author of When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order and Susan Shirk, author of China: Fragile Superpower.

The discussion shed light on the great difference in bilateral trust between the United States and China as compared to the United Kingdom and China. The contrasting views made for an interesting panel as Dr. Shirk and Dr. Jacques discussed topics including the implications of China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative, cyber theft and  intellectual property issues, and the difference in views on military presence in Asia between the U.S. and the ­U.K.

Special thanks to C-­100 members Ken Fong ​for his generous support and initiation of this Speaker Series, George Koo ​for organizing the speakers and moderating the discussion, and Dennis Wu ​for his welcoming/closing remarks and support of the Speaker Forum. Other C-100 members attending included Frank H. WuDan Chao, Joan Chen, and Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang.

For full audio of the event, please see The Commonwealth Club website.


C-100 members Dennis Wu, Frank H. Wu, Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang, George Koo, Joan Chen and Dan Chao pose for a photo with friends


Speakers (from left) George Koo, Susan Shirk, and Martin Jacques


A packed event audience at SAP in Palo Alto


C-100 member Daniel Chao and other event guests


Panelists Martin Jacques and Susan Shirk with C-100 member George Koo



C-100 members (from left) Dennis Wu, Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang, Frank H. Wu


C-100 member Dennis Wu providing welcome remarks


Guests pose in front of event poster





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Kenneth Fong

Venture capitalist and entreprenueur / Northern California Regional Chair

Dennis Wu

Professional CPA expert

Frank H. Wu

Distinguished Academic

Daniel Chao

Corporate and Non-Profit Executive

Joan Chen

Internationally accredited actress and director

Linda Tsao Yang

Former U.S. Ambassador and first woman Executive Director appointed




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