COMMITTEE OF 100 issues its 2007 Corporate Board Report Card

From Left: Dennis Wu, C-100 Member; Carolyn Chin, C-100 Director; Joe Griesedieck, Vice Chairman of Korn Ferry; Kyung Yoon, Vice Chairman of Heidrick & Struggles; Michael Bruce, Managing Director of Spencer Stuart Southern CA Office; Bob Lee, C-100 member; Wilson Chu, C-100 Director; Charlie Woo, C-100 Member; Alice Young, C-100 member; Leslie Schilling, C-100 Vice Chair; Richard King, C-100 Member and Herman Li, C-100 Treasurer.

More Fortune 500 Boards Adding Asian-American Directors

(New York, NY-May 15, 2007) -- The Committee of 100, a national organization of Chinese American leaders, issued its “2007 Corporate Board Report Card - A Report on Directors of Asian Ethnicity on Fortune 500 Boardshighlighting a modest increase of Asian and Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) on the boards of Fortune 500 companies.

The Report Card shows that:

--Asian and APAs currently hold 1.5% of corporate board seats among Fortune 500 companies, a modest increase from 1.2% in 2005.

--81 Fortune 500 board seats were held in 2006 by 69 Asian/APA directors, an increase from 56 in 2005.

--The percentage of Fortune 500 companies with at least one Asian or APA director increased to 15% in 2006 from 11% in 2005.

“Good news: we’re seeing a 50% increase since we started keeping track in 2004,” said Wilson Chu, Chair of The Committee of 100’s Corporate Board Initiative, “Even better news: there’s plenty of room for more.” “It just makes good business sense.” Chu added. “Whether it’s about global competitiveness, especially the search for a ‘China Strategy’ or ‘India Strategy,’ or the increasingly affluent Asia-American market, Corporate America is progressively taking note of the strategic value of having highly-qualified APAs/Asians in the boardroom. Our Initiative’s job is to increase awareness of this trend and to highlight forward-thinking companies and their CEOs who ‘get it’.”

“This Report Card continues to make a compelling case for Corporate America to diversify its boards with more Asian Pacific Americans,” said Gen. John L. Fugh, Chairman of the Committee of 100. “As with all considerations of gender, race and ethnicity, we advocate the inclusion of 100 percent of the talent pool here in America, and APAs are very much a part of that.”

This year’s Report Card was prepared in association with the Asian-American Business Association of the Harvard Business School. It is the third annual Corporate Board Report Card issued by the Committee of 100 since 2004.

About The Committee of 100
Founded in 1989, the Committee of 100 is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit membership organization composed of Chinese American leaders in a broad range of professions. With their knowledge and experience, they have committed themselves to a dual mission: (1) encouraging stronger relations between the U.S. and Greater China; and (2) encouraging the full participation of Chinese and other Asian-Americans in all aspects of American life.

Download 2007 C-100's Corporate Board Report Card in PDF file

Download 2005 Update on C-100's Corporate Board Report Card in PDF file

Download 2004 C-100's Corporate Board Report Card in PDF file

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Download 2007 C-100's Corporate Board Report Card in PDF file

C-100 is very fortunate to have secured the commitments of the following talented individuals to serve on our Corporate Board Advisory Committee:
· J.D. Hokoyama, President, Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP), Inc.
· Dipak Jain, Dean, Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management and Corporate Director, United Airlines
· Ray Ocampo, Board Member, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology
· Kyung Yoon, Vice Chairman, Heidrick & Struggles