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John Leighton Stuart, China Expert, Is Buried There at Last

On November 17, Committee of 100 Chairman John L. Fugh finally was able to keep a promise to his father, Philip Fugh, to oversee the interment of former U.S. Ambassador John Leighton Stuart in China. Philip Fugh served as a longtime aide to Ambassador Stuart. The ceremony in Hangzhou, Stuart's birthplace, was attended by current American Ambassador to China Clark T. Randt. Excerpts follow of this amazing story of Sino-American politics, strife, and friendship. (View ceremony photos)

The Committee of 100 and the National Committee hosted a program at the Luce Foundation on December 11, General John Fugh and C-100 Advisory Council Member, Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy discussed the burial of the ashes of missionary, educator, diplomat John Leighton Stuart.

Major General Fugh, who was instrumental in fulfilling Mr. Stuart's final wish, was interviewed by Ambassador Roy, himself a missionary child. Like Stuart, Roy spent his formative years in China and went on to be the American ambassador to that country. They talked about the process that led to the burial of the ashes, some 46 years after Stuart's death, of someone reviled by Mao in a 1949 essay entitled, "Farewell Leighton Stuart" (video available below).

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