The Committee of 100 is a national non-partisan organization composed of American citizens of Chinese descent. Each member has achieved positions of leadership in the United States in a broad range of professions. With these diverse backgrounds, members collectively pool their strengths and experience to address important issues concerning the Chinese-American community, as well as issues affecting U.S.-China relations.


C-100 is committed to a dual mission: (1) encouraging stronger relations between the U.S. and Greater China and (2) encouraging the full participation of Chinese-Americans in all aspects of American life.


The Committee of 100 was founded in 1989 by a group of concerned Chinese-Americans, including I.M. Pei and Yo-Yo Ma, who are leaders in their fields. They recognized the need for an organization that brings a Chinese-American perspective to U.S.-Greater China relations and that addresses the concerns of Americans of Chinese heritage.

The key functions of the Committee are to serve as a bridge between Greater China and America and to provide a forum for those issues that Americans of Chinese and Asian descent face in the United States. The Committee is dedicated to serving as a "cultural ambassador" by fostering the exchange of ideas and perspectives among our members with those in the community and government.

The Committee of 100 has become a voice for the improvement of relations between the U.S. and Greater China region. With an in-depth understanding of both cultures, the Committee can enhance America’s understanding of China, as well as China’s understanding of the United States.

As an organization, the Committee of 100 is non-partisan; it is not aligned with any political party in the United States, or with any in Asia. Many of the issues the Committee addresses concern matters of public policy. However, through our members’ activity in academics, government, business, law, science, and the arts, we can provide bicultural dimensions to issues facing America and Asia.

With its collective wealth of experience, knowledge, and resources, the Committee of 100 is in a unique position to improve relations between the United States and Greater China. As Americans familiar with both Chinese and American cultures and systems, Committee members play important roles in helping broaden perspectives. As a developing nation, China can benefit from exchanges that help address social and public interest concerns that arise from industrial and economic development.

In recognition of the need for trained individuals to implement the development that is essential to China’s continued growth, the Committee of 100 has established endowment funds to provide scholarships for outstanding students and teachers at several universities in China.

The Committee of 100 will continue to serve as a voice in encouraging constructive relations between Greater China and the United States: seeking common ground while respecting differences.


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